Tips to confront Shame, a major cause of fear | Dr. Vipul Tyagi

“Fear, one of the most complicated psychological issues. In more than 90% of cases of fear it has been observing that the major cause of all of them is ‘shame’ said Dr. Vipul Tyagi. Further continuing, he added “it’s not easy to define who of people is living under the fear of shame. Moreover fear is not at all easy to confront reason being it has become a kind of mental pressure. Thus, it is a psychological issue.” Dr. Vipul Tyagi is best psychiatrist in Ghaziabad associated with Shree Narayan Hospital since his professional journey as a psychiatrist.

Here are various tips defined by Dr. Vipul Tyagi through which one can confront fear due to shame.

1. Bring it to light

Shame comes up with the belief that ‘you are flawed’ and becomes intensely painful and takes you into the fear of not facing anyone or cut off with every other person. Some people even accept that they are fawning of loving or belonging which may push them into depression. Dr. Vipul Tyagi speaks “This shame can be ended when comes to light. To pull shame into light is to talk about it.” Thus, if you are feeling shame about self, then you may talk to someone about it either family or friends.  In various cases, talking to psychiatrist is effective and optimum.

2. Straighten out your feelings

Feeling ashamed is one of the major reasons why one may fall into fear of being around crowd or to be seen easily. To unravel this fear or feeling of shame, one needed to realize ‘what he or she feels about self’? Thus, straighten out your feelings and feel good about yourself. Do not try to become someone, who is not you.

3. Make links

As we all know, shame pushes us into a place where ‘we like to be alone, all by ourselves’. Also this condition does not take you anywhere better but worst. This habit of staying alone makes you fall into depression or anxiety or even cause anger behavior. To avoid this, try not to stay alone all day. Go out, take to new people, hang out with friends, visit parks, play or laugh with children or sit and observe happiest actions going around you.

4. Know your strength

Feeling of fear due to shame can destroy by knowing your power and strengths.  One should try to engage in finding good things, good stuffs about himself/herself. Do what you like; practice something you are good at. This will make you feel that you are not ‘Nix.’ Dr. Vipul Tyagi said “doing what you are good at is one of the most effective techniques in cases of ‘shame’ for a long time.

This is an assortment of tips by Dr. Vipul Tyagi, Psychiatrist at Shree Narayan Hospital, to confront shame and live a life again. Dr. Vipul Tyagi is the best Psychiatrist in India. To make appointments you may visit Shree Narayan Hospital. Any Inquiries and feedback are warmly welcome.

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  1. Abhinav Sharma - June 5, 2017 Reply

    You gave us such a great information on one of the major cause of fear and how to deal with it.. Please explain some of the other factors of fear as well.

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