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Tips to confront Shame, a major cause of fear | Dr. Vipul Tyagi

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“Fear, one of the most complicated psychological issues. In more than 90% of cases of fear it has been observing that the major cause of all of them is ‘shame’ said Dr. Vipul Tyagi. Further continuing, he added “it’s not easy to define who of people is living under the fear of shame. Moreover fear is not at all easy to confront reason being it has become a kind of mental pressure. Thus, it is a psychological issue.” Dr. Vipul Tyagi is best psychiatrist in Ghaziabad associated with Shree Narayan Hospital since his professional journey as a psychiatrist.

Here are various tips defined by Dr. Vipul Tyagi through which one can confront fear due to shame.

1. Bring it to light

Shame comes up with the belief that ‘you are flawed’ and becomes intensely painful and takes you into the fear of not facing anyone or cut off with every other person. Some people even accept that they are fawning of loving or belonging which may push them into depression. Dr. Vipul Tyagi speaks “This shame can be ended when comes to light. To pull shame into light is to talk about it.” Thus, if you are feeling shame about self, then you may talk to someone about it either family or friends.  In various cases, talking to psychiatrist is effective and optimum.

2. Straighten out your feelings

Feeling ashamed is one of the major reasons why one may fall into fear of being around crowd or to be seen easily. To unravel this fear or feeling of shame, one needed to realize ‘what he or she feels about self’? Thus, straighten out your feelings and feel good about yourself. Do not try to become someone, who is not you.

3. Make links

As we all know, shame pushes us into a place where ‘we like to be alone, all by ourselves’. Also this condition does not take you anywhere better but worst. This habit of staying alone makes you fall into depression or anxiety or even cause anger behavior. To avoid this, try not to stay alone all day. Go out, take to new people, hang out with friends, visit parks, play or laugh with children or sit and observe happiest actions going around you.

4. Know your strength

Feeling of fear due to shame can destroy by knowing your power and strengths.  One should try to engage in finding good things, good stuffs about himself/herself. Do what you like; practice something you are good at. This will make you feel that you are not ‘Nix.’ Dr. Vipul Tyagi said “doing what you are good at is one of the most effective techniques in cases of ‘shame’ for a long time.

This is an assortment of tips by Dr. Vipul Tyagi, Psychiatrist at Shree Narayan Hospital, to confront shame and live a life again. Dr. Vipul Tyagi is the best Psychiatrist in India. To make appointments you may visit Shree Narayan Hospital. Any Inquiries and feedback are warmly welcome.

How to overcome fear of losing?| Dr. Vipul Tyagi

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“How many of us live in some kind of fear in our regular lives? Answer will surely be most of us. However, people never try to conquer or overcome fear. They just keep running away or hiding from it every now and then. Similarly, number of people irrespective of age live under the fear of losing or in other words fear of failure. Fear of losing is one of the major fear that stop people from doing what they authentically wants to do” said Dr. Vipul Tyagi. He is the best Psychiatrist in Ghaziabad and has been associated with Shree Narayan Hospital for over two decades. Here are various tips described by Dr. Vipul Tyagi on how one can over fear of losing or failure. overcome fear

1- Find the roots

Have you ever wonder at what stage of life, you started having fear of failure? Have ever tried to find out why? Answer might be No reason being people are afraid of talking about it not only to others but to self also. Dr. Vipul Tyagi speaks “You will never be able to overcome your fear of failure until or unless you find out its root cause. Therefore, one should sit in silent and observed what he/she actually feel about it. They will surely come up with its root cause.”

2- Face the fear

Shortcuts and running away from something in life is not worth it at all reason being if there is a fear of failure, it will never let you win. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggested “if anyone facing fear of failure in life then just face it. Fear of failure closes all the doors of success in life and leaves you inside the tunnel of regrets. Thus, face your failure through taking challenges, fulfill the challenges, and believe in self.”

3- Remember “Failure is temporary”

No negative phrase of life is permanent, similarly, failure is temporary. Failure may follow you for long time and leave you all scared in the end but it has an end. Only we make our failure temporary because we give up. We accept the unwanted belief that failure is permanent. Thus, do not give up on your goals of life only because of fear of failure. Keep going no matter how many time you face failure. It will end someday.

4- Stay positive

Half of the failure in life follows you because you think of negative aspects only. Staying positive is significant to overcome fear of failure. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggests “to stay positive on can keep reminding self of positive conclusions and aspects. Also, to be positive one should stay in touch with nature. Try not to spend most of the time inside four walls due to past failures.” This is a range of solutions or tip on how one can overcome the fear of failure/losing. Dr. Vipul Tyagi says “counseling and psychotherapies are also recommended as they are optimized, less time consuming and effective.” Dr. Vipul Tyagi sees patients at Shree Narayan Hospital. You can make an appointment online.

4 Root Causes of Relationship Failures | Dr. Vipul Tyagi

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“Relationships are the most beautiful emotion that people need to balance in their lives. Some find it easy to maintain and other cannot handle it and fail. Numerous of couples come for counseling in order to prevent their relationship every year and if I say most of them are because of common reasons. Why relationships really end or fail? Nobody knows the root causes of relationship failures” conversed Dr. Vipul Tyagi. Further adding he said “Here are some root causes of relationship failures I am going to describe according to my experience in Psychiatry.” Dr. Vipul Tyagi is the best Psychiatrist in Ghaziabad and prominent known for successfully handling all Psychiatry cases at Shree Narayan Hospital.
Relationship Failures

1- Neglecting

In number of relationships it has been observed that friendship is being neglected between them. Basically, their relationship has become all about being together and manages for the sake of love. However, for couples staying or acting as a friend is as significant as acting as a sensible partner. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggests “couples should try to enjoy each other’s company, share interest and values, care, support and understand each other. They should work as a team.”

2- Conflicts

Short agreements are easy to give an end. However, it becomes easy to give up on relationship when they turn into conflicts. It has been observed in number of relationships that these conflicts have consequences such as leaving one of the partners angry, sad, depressing, frustrated, and hurt and so on. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggests “one of the partners take step and try to ignore stuffs that create situation of conflict. One will never let his/her partner to drive away due to some conflict.”

3-Diminishing care

How often it is to diminish care towards someone because of misunderstanding, conflicts, neglecting and other issues? It becomes like punishing them which end up in failure of relationship. Diminishing care never get back together partners, indeed, it separate them forever. Diminishing care here refers to less talking, showing no physical interest towards partner because you are angry. It is suggested not to diminish care instead care for them more than you do before. This saves the relationship.

4- Time management

Time management has been the most common cause of relationship failure. In the modern world, every person needs his/her time and space and this fact ends most of the relationship. To avoid this relationship failure cause, Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggests “try to understand your partner and give him/her some personal space and time. Only compromises keep sticking up relationships.”

This is an assortment of root cause of failure of relationships. Today, number of couples attends pre marriage counseling for the further prevention and safety of relationships. To make an appointment of counseling with Dr. Vipul Tyagi you may visit Shree Narayan Hospital online.

Thus, root causes of relationship failures. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggested “people can go for pre marriage counseling or counseling after marriage if observing some of bad signs of relationship failures.” For more information you can visit Dr. Vipul Tyagi at Shree Narayan Hospital.

Dr. Vipul Taygi

5 things you need to know about bullying

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Dr. Vipul Tyagi is one of the well-known Psychiatrists in Ghaziabad. Conversing about children and bullying issue that many students face during childhood, Dr. Vipul Tyagi told “bullying leaves long lasting scars over mental health of child. Any child goes through bullying can never be capable of overcoming its effects without counseling or therapies. Parents do not take bullying as a complicated issue and holds different false beliefs about bullying.” Here are some significant things parents and people need to know about it. Dr. Vipul Tyagi is Best Psychiatrist in Ghaziabad. He has been practicing Psychology at Shree Narayan Hospital since 25 years.

1- Adults can stop it:

People usually say adults cannot stop bullying reason being it is common. In real bullying can only be solved or stopped by adults. Teachers can take strict action against it. Parents can report to school and other places. Adults need to know what is wrong with child if he/she is behaving strange or fearful in spite of taking it as normal.

2- Ends with cyber bullying:

People believe that bullying starts with cyber bully; indeed it ends with cyber bullying. In last two decades it has been observed that bullying starts from colleges, universities, schools, coaching, sports clubs and other such places. These cases end with cyber bullying that is humiliation on web, social media or other electronic means.  Effects of cyber bullying on mental health lasts long and create long term fears.

3- Bullying is not only physical harm:

Bullying is not always when child is physically harmed. Mental pressure or mental bullying is also a part of bullying. It has been observed in many cases where children are bullied mentally such as blackmailing, brainwashing, and so on. Mental bullying usually result in negative and fearful behavior of child. Mental bullying holds the strongest probability of turning into long term psychological issues.

4- Who’s responsibility?

Prevent children from getting bullied or bullying is every adult’s responsibility. Parents are responsible for not listening to their kids and what they say. Teachers are responsible for intervene. Administrators are responsible for building strategies for the protection of children from getting bullied. As being sensible and strong enough to take actions, adults are responsible to look out for kids around us and response to their changed behaviors.

5- Any child can be a victim:

It is a myth that only boys come to face bullying. In last two decades, it has been observed that number of cases involved girls being bullied mentally or physically. However, bullying does not take place only in schools, clubs, and playgrounds but also in homes. Kids may face being bullied from other kids in home. Parents should look out if kids in the family are having good relationship.

This is an assortment of things you need to know about bullying. Dr. Vipul Tyagi said “there are number of cases where adults are under mental or psychological issue because of the bullying they faced as a child. Overcoming the effects of bullying is tough.” You can make an appointment with Dr. Vipul Tyagi online at Shree Narayan Hospital.

When does Stress turns into Depression? | Dr. Vipul Tyagi

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“Stress and Depression are both different psychological issues. You may come out of stress easily but Depression needs counseling, psychotherapies and takes time to overcome” said Dr. Vipul Tyagi.  He has been practicing Psychiatry in Shree Narayan Hospital since 25 years. Continuing further Dr. Vipul Tyagi told “Sometimes individual do not realize when his/her stress turns into depression. Moreover, Depression is more complicated than stress.

When does Stress turns into Depression

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1. No socializing

Less socializing and no socializing at all are both different phrases. Both indicate different circumstance of our mental behavior. Dr. Vipul Tyagi stated “less socializing is a positive sign that you are under no mental pressure of becoming the center of attraction or wanting to communicate with people eagerly. On the other hand, No socializing at all indicates depression.” Less socializing is a technique to de stress yourself but cutting off self from all social networks cause your stress turns into depression.

2. No love for self

Under stress, people think of themselves in a negative way sometimes which is common. These continuous negative thoughts about self cause the stress to turn into depression in few weeks. Continuous negative thoughts make people believe that they are good for nothing and this leave no love for self behavior in them.

3. Weak Memory

What cause you to forget thing easily?  Your inappropriate and negative thoughts cause your mind to get tired. Consequently, your memory becomes weak. Weak memory can be sign of either stress or depression. However, weak memory does not mean you are into depression, it may be stress. Thus, continuous tiredness of mind causes your stress to turn into depression in several months.

4. Sleeping beyond a limit or Not at all

Sleeping and mental behavior are both connected. It is common in stress that an individual either sleeps beyond a limit or cannot fall asleep at all. This creates both physical and mental medical issues for people. However, if this problem of sleeping goes for more than six month then there is 99% of probability that stress turns into depression.

This was an assortment of mental behavior which can cause your stress turns into depression. Dr. Vipul Tyagi says “cutting off to family and friends is not any better option. If you are going through issues talk to your family and friends. In case you don’t feel much comfortable to talk to family. Talk to your psychiatrist.”