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“Stress is far more complicated than any other mental disorder. According to a survey, it has concluded that 80% of people in the country believe in a myth that ‘stress causes people to function better’ which happens rarely” said Dr. Vipul Tyagi. Dr. Vipul Tyagi is the best psychiatrist in Ghaziabad. He has been practicing in Shree Narayan hospital over 25 years. He holds specialization in Psychotherapies. Here are some dangerous effects of stress over health and life of a person described by Dr. Vipul Tyagi.

Stress promotes risk of diseases

Your body is not immune from every other disease. You always live under the risk of getting ill or getting into the trap of any disease. In some cases, people are horizontal to a certain number of diseases and stress encourages and empowers the risk of disease twice a time. Stress boosts the probability of getting cancer, lungs complications, and liver problems and so on. Moreover, according to Dr. Vipul Tyagi’s experience children are easily exposed to mental health issues if suffering from stress.

Harming teeth and gums

When someone suffers from Stress, he/she tend to grind their teeth with too much pressure all the time. This habit of grinding teeth during stressful situations cause harm to jaws and teeth rapidly. Your jaws may start swelling due to pressure you are putting while grinding. On the other hand, this grinding of teeth will cause your teeth to go thin and loose its capability to even chew.

Cause Heart Problems

Heart problems start from the restriction of blood vessels more often. In a case of stress, hormones in body boost heart rate resulting in restriction of blood vessels. Due to such restriction heart needs to operate faster with too much pressure causing misbalancing of blood pressure. This kind of body changes results in heart attacks, sudden death, brain damages and so on.


How many of you eat more than what your stomach required? More often, when you are under some tension, you tend to eat more. Thus, under stress people tend to start eating constantly after every 30 minutes. This causes them to gain a lot of weight without getting any chance to control it. According to a study, it has concluded that people under stress tend to eat 50% more than their normal diet.

This is an assortment of complications regarding stress. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggests “people under stress should start exploring and talking to different people, make friends. This will help them to recover. Moreover, if you think you are not overcoming stress after too many efforts, you should go to a psychiatrist.” For more information, you may visit top 10 psychiatrists in Ghaziabad.

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