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“Relationships are the most beautiful emotion that people need to balance in their lives. Some find it easy to maintain and other cannot handle it and fail. Numerous of couples come for counseling in order to prevent their relationship every year and if I say most of them are because of common reasons. Why relationships really end or fail? Nobody knows the root causes of relationship failures” conversed Dr. Vipul Tyagi. Further adding he said “Here are some root causes of relationship failures I am going to describe according to my experience in Psychiatry.” Dr. Vipul Tyagi is the best Psychiatrist in Ghaziabad and prominent known for successfully handling all Psychiatry cases at Shree Narayan Hospital.

1- Neglecting

In number of relationships it has been observed that friendship is being neglected between them. Basically, their relationship has become all about being together and manages for the sake of love. However, for couples staying or acting as a friend is as significant as acting as a sensible partner. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggests “couples should try to enjoy each other’s company, share interest and values, care, support and understand each other. They should work as a team.”

2- Conflicts

Short agreements are easy to give an end. However, it becomes easy to give up on relationship when they turn into conflicts. It has been observed in number of relationships that these conflicts have consequences such as leaving one of the partners angry, sad, depressing, frustrated, and hurt and so on. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggests “one of the partners take step and try to ignore stuffs that create situation of conflict. One will never let his/her partner to drive away due to some conflict.”

3-Diminishing care

How often it is to diminish care towards someone because of misunderstanding, conflicts, neglecting and other issues? It becomes like punishing them which end up in failure of relationship. Diminishing care never get back together partners, indeed, it separate them forever. Diminishing care here refers to less talking, showing no physical interest towards partner because you are angry. It is suggested not to diminish care instead care for them more than you do before. This saves the relationship.

4- Time management

Time management has been the most common cause of relationship failure. In the modern world, every person needs his/her time and space and this fact ends most of the relationship. To avoid this relationship failure cause, Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggests “try to understand your partner and give him/her some personal space and time. Only compromises keep sticking up relationships.”

This is an assortment of root cause of failure of relationships. Today, number of couples attends pre marriage counseling for the further prevention and safety of relationships. To make an appointment of counseling with Dr. Vipul Tyagi you may visit Shree Narayan Hospital online.

Thus, root causes of relationship failures. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggested “people can go for pre marriage counseling or counseling after marriage if observing some of bad signs of relationship failures.” For more information you can visit Dr. Vipul Tyagi at Shree Narayan Hospital.

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