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“How many of us live in some kind of fear in our regular lives? Answer will surely be most of us. However, people never try to conquer or overcome fear. They just keep running away or hiding from it every now and then. Similarly, number of people irrespective of age live under the fear of losing or in other words fear of failure. Fear of losing is one of the major fear that stop people from doing what they authentically wants to do” said Dr. Vipul Tyagi. He is the best Psychiatrist in Ghaziabad and has been associated with Shree Narayan Hospital for over two decades. Here are various tips described by Dr. Vipul Tyagi on how one can over fear of losing or failure.

1- Find the roots

Have you ever wonder at what stage of life, you started having fear of failure? Have ever tried to find out why? Answer might be No reason being people are afraid of talking about it not only to others but to self also. Dr. Vipul Tyagi speaks “You will never be able to overcome your fear of failure until or unless you find out its root cause. Therefore, one should sit in silent and observed what he/she actually feel about it. They will surely come up with its root cause.”

2- Face the fear

Shortcuts and running away from something in life is not worth it at all reason being if there is a fear of failure, it will never let you win. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggested “if anyone facing fear of failure in life then just face it. Fear of failure closes all the doors of success in life and leaves you inside the tunnel of regrets. Thus, face your failure through taking challenges, fulfill the challenges, and believe in self.”

3- Remember “Failure is temporary”

No negative phrase of life is permanent, similarly, failure is temporary. Failure may follow you for long time and leave you all scared in the end but it has an end. Only we make our failure temporary because we give up. We accept the unwanted belief that failure is permanent. Thus, do not give up on your goals of life only because of fear of failure. Keep going no matter how many time you face failure. It will end someday.

4- Stay positive

Half of the failure in life follows you because you think of negative aspects only. Staying positive is significant to overcome fear of failure. Dr. Vipul Tyagi suggests “to stay positive on can keep reminding self of positive conclusions and aspects. Also, to be positive one should stay in touch with nature. Try not to spend most of the time inside four walls due to past failures.” This is a range of solutions or tip on how one can overcome the fear of failure/losing. Dr. Vipul Tyagi says “counseling and psychotherapies are also recommended as they are optimized, less time consuming and effective.” Dr. Vipul Tyagi sees patients at Shree Narayan Hospital. You can make an appointment online.

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