Psychotherapy Vs Psychology – Know the difference between the two

A psychiatrist and a psychotherapist are the terms often use interchangeably. While both of them study about the Online brain, emotions, thoughts and feelings, still there is a difference we need to understand between both of them. A few of the basic factors that separate a psychotherapist from a psychologist are an academic qualification, specific training, salary, and practice.

Psychotherapy Vs Psychology – Know the difference between the two

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  • Opportunities

    After graduation, one can work as a volunteer with NGO, helpline, or as an assistant in counseling and rehabilitation center. Salary of a psychologist and depends on the factors like gender, experience and according to various industries. Also, males get paid higher for the job of a psychologist, as compared to cheap football jerseys females.

  • Education

    Unlike psychotherapists, psychiatrists are medical doctors (MDs) who graduate from medical school, do the medical internship for a year, and have 3 years of residency in the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders, whereas psychologists have a doctoral degree in an area of psychology, i.e. the study of the mind and human behavior. They’re not medical doctors. A psychologist can have a Ph.D. in philosophy or a PsyD in clinical or counseling psychology. They do an internship of 1-2 years. Psychologists are also training in giving psychological tests (for instance, IQ tests or personality tests) which are not in the case of psychotherapists.

  • Skills needed

    One should have a genuine desire to help people. He/ she should have a soft corner for those who need your help. Only a degree is not sufficient to become a good psychotherapist. Being a good listener and empathetic is equally important. Apart from this, basic skills such as attending, responding, personalizing, initiating and evaluating as well as training in empathy, genuineness, respect, concreteness, are also needed. Whereas a psychologist should possess skills like communication, numeracy, research, ethics, patience, and problem solving.

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