5 things you need to know about bullying

Dr. Vipul Tyagi is one of the well-known Psychiatrists in Ghaziabad. Conversing about children and bullying issue that many students face during childhood, Dr. Vipul Tyagi told “bullying leaves long lasting scars over mental health of child. Any child goes through bullying can never be capable of overcoming its effects without counseling or therapies. Parents do not take bullying as a complicated issue and holds different false beliefs about bullying.” Here are some significant things parents and people need to know about it. Dr. Vipul Tyagi is Best Psychiatrist in Ghaziabad. He has been practicing Psychology at Shree Narayan Hospital since 25 years.

1- Adults can stop it:

People usually say adults cannot stop bullying reason being it is common. In real bullying can only be solved or stopped by adults. Teachers can take strict action against it. Parents can report to school and other places. Adults need to know what is wrong with child if he/she is behaving strange or fearful in spite of taking it as normal.

2- Ends with cyber bullying:

People believe that bullying starts with cyber bully; indeed it ends with cyber bullying. In last two decades it has been observed that bullying starts from colleges, universities, schools, coaching, sports clubs and other such places. These cases end with cyber bullying that is humiliation on web, social media or other electronic means.  Effects of cyber bullying on mental health lasts long and create long term fears.

3- Bullying is not only physical harm:

Bullying is not always when child is physically harmed. Mental pressure or mental bullying is also a part of bullying. It has been observed in many cases where children are bullied mentally such as blackmailing, brainwashing, and so on. Mental bullying usually result in negative and fearful behavior of child. Mental bullying holds the strongest probability of turning into long term psychological issues.

4- Who’s responsibility?

Prevent children from getting bullied or bullying is every adult’s responsibility. Parents are responsible for not listening to their kids and what they say. Teachers are responsible for intervene. Administrators are responsible for building strategies for the protection of children from getting bullied. As being sensible and strong enough to take actions, adults are responsible to look out for kids around us and response to their changed behaviors.

5- Any child can be a victim:

It is a myth that only boys come to face bullying. In last two decades, it has been observed that number of cases involved girls being bullied mentally or physically. However, bullying does not take place only in schools, clubs, and playgrounds but also in homes. Kids may face being bullied from other kids in home. Parents should look out if kids in the family are having good relationship.

This is an assortment of things you need to know about bullying. Dr. Vipul Tyagi said “there are number of cases where adults are under mental or psychological issue because of the bullying they faced as a child. Overcoming the effects of bullying is tough.” You can make an appointment with Dr. Vipul Tyagi online at Shree Narayan Hospital.

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